Nibbles: The Book Monster

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

This is a story about a little monster called… Nibbles. And with that, he's released into the book. Nibbles likes to nibble soap, socks and rubber ducks, but his favourite thing to nibble is books! Nibbles nibbles his way right out of this book and into some other favourite fairy tales. He makes a mess in the three bears' house, rescues grandma from the big, bad wolf, and steals a golden goose before he's dropped back into his own book. But can it contain him this time?

Fantastic production makes this book a really exciting reading experience. Older children will love the havoc Nibbles creates in the fairy tales they know so well, while little readers will adore the cheeky look in his eyes as he tears through the book. The final reveal is another fabulous surprise. Nibbles is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

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