Mortal Chaos: Deep Oblivion

Publisher: Oxford University Press

In chaos theory, the 'butterfly effect' explains how a seemingly minor event can trigger large or unexpected outcomes, showing that everything is ultimately connected.

In this second volume of Matt Dickinson's Mortal Chaos trilogy,  Marko tries to swat a butterfly against a window and the pane of glass is sent plummeting 25 floors to the street beneath. This small action changes the lives of people all around the world: Hannah, homeless in Sydney; Gwen and Tehpoe, kidnapped by violent rebels; Todd and Isabella, threatened by piranha attack; Wai Yan, hunted by a cruel dictator; and Stian Olberg, fighting to save his ship from destruction.

This exciting, terrifying and utterly compelling story is a stand-alone novel that will keep young readers on the edge of their seats regardless of whether they have read the first installment of Dickinson's series.

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