Mortal Chaos

Publisher: Oxford University Press

A butterfly in an English wood flutters its wings and so begins a chain of events connecting people whose paths would never normally cross. Airline pilot Tina hits a deer on her way to Heathrow, where a businessman awaits a call from his daughter who is about to conquer Everest. In famine stricken Africa, Tina's husband tries to save a boy's life, while an American film crew looks on, hoping to capture a good story. It soon becomes clear that these various incidents, unfolding across the globe, are somehow linked.

Mortal Chaos begins with its own, quite literal, butterfly effect, quickly setting in motion a rollercoaster of events. From the outset the reader is hooked, wondering how the various characters will ultimately be connected. Short chapters create a pacy and thrilling read building to a dramatic finale. An imaginative page turner which will appeal to younger teenagers.

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