Mango & Bambang – Tiny Tapir Trouble

Publisher: Walker Books

Mango and her pet tapir Bambang have four further adventures in this entertaining collection of stories. In the first, Mango's family has gone to the seaside. Enjoying his pedalo ride, Bambang spots a baby drifting out to sea in a picnic box and dives into the waves to rescue him, but will he get there in time?

In the second story, Bambang is dangerously ill and Mango takes him to the Botanical Gardens hoping to find a cure. Next, a noisy parcel arrives containing a boisterous baby tapir who wreaks havoc in the family. Finally Bambang investigates what Fitzroy Kidney's scratchy itchy Dad has to do with Fitzroy winning the City Chess Tournament every year.

These warm, charming stories about friendship, fitting in, bravery and truth are complemented by bright, funny illustrations with a vintage feel, reminiscent of the classic Babar books.

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