I Swapped My Brother on the Internet!

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Johnny is fed up of being picked on by his older brother Ted but gets more than he bargained for when he signs up to www.siblingswap.com. We follow Johnny in a series of hilarious adventures as the website sends him increasingly absurd characters to take the place of his brother Ted. After meeting mer-boy (who can’t cycle), the ghost of Henry the Eighth (who is too bossy) and a clone of himself (who is too naughty), Johnny realises that he would rather have Ted back. Technical issues with the website mean Johnny must work fast to find Ted and make amends though. Luckily, the sibling matches that didn’t work out are on hand to help.

Every child with a sibling should read this book. This cautionary tale will make children yelp in agreement, roll around with laughter but ultimately leave them appreciating their brother or sister a little bit more. They won’t need any encouragement to read it, either. With a simple and engaging style of writing, and plenty of twists and turns in the plot, readers will be hooked from page one. A great story with a likeable lead character and some important lessons.

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