I Am Wolf

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Coll inhabits a futuristic world where vast technological Constructsbattle for territories and supplies. Each Construct is shaped and powered by the collective willpower of its human crew inside.   

Coll is Wolf and fiercely proud of it. Guided by their leader Alpha (also Coll’s mother), members of Wolf crew never show weakness. 

Coll, with his two prosthetic limbs, feels a need to work even harder than others, to ensure acceptance and respect. Then a strange new Construct attacks – and in the mêlée Coll falls from Wolf. Abandoned on the unfamiliar ground, he’s acutely distrustful of those he meets – after all, they are not Wolf. A reluctant Coll realises he must work with a new ‘clan’ if he is ever to find his way back. But where is his community - and who can he really trust? 

Jam-packed with action and suspense, this book grabs the reader from the first page and never releases its grip. In under 250 pages, it speeds along at an exhilarating pace, with a cliff-hanger at every corner.

Along the ride, we find ourselves contemplating some pretty big questions – about identity, loyalty and how we treat others. The depiction of limb difference has clearly been well researched, and Coll’s journey is less about him learning to overcome disability’ as learning to recognise assumptions and biases – including his own.  

Whilst a satisfying and perfectly packaged standalone, I Am Wolf will also leave the reader looking out eagerly for the sequel.  

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