Publisher: Nosy Crow

In his isolated basement room, Adam has followed the same daily routine for over 200 years: breakfast, schoolwork, speaking practice, playtime, chores, dinner, bed.

He has never ventured out because Father told him to stay there and practice being a good boy. Until the day two hungry humans break in and Adam does what Father taught him and steps in to rescue them from a robot attack.

When the trio emerge into the city, Adam finds it unrecognisable: blackened, hollow, flooded; devastated by two centuries of war between humans and intelligent machines.

Could Adam-2 hold the key to saving the world by destroying one side and saving the other? And, if so, which side should he save?

With a diverse cast of complex characters, an exhilarating plot and a real sense of peril, Adam-2 is a breathtaking science fiction thriller. In fact, the book is more than that as it also raises challenging moral and ethical questions about right and wrong and whether violence or murder can ever be justified.

Readers are likely to find themselves empathising with first one side and then the other and might do well to remember that history is always written by the winners.

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