Dr Xargle’s Book of Earth Tiggers

Publisher: Anderson Press


Dr Xargle (who is a five-eyed, green alien), decides to teach his students about an interesting species he has found on a different planet: the Earth Tigger. The alien explains that among other eccentricities, the Earth Tigger is furry, eats meatblob, hates another species known as the Earth Hound and likes to sing loudly in the moonlight with his friends.  When Dr Xargle invites his students to visit earth with him to visit a real Earth Tigger in India, we see that they may be in with for a shock, as the animal that awaits them is far more dangerous that a domestic cat…

Tony Ross’s madcap illustrations really heighten the humour of Jeanne Willis’s text. This very funny picturebook will especially appeal to readers who have their own feline friends at home!

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