Candle Man

Publisher: Egmont

Theo lives a virtual prisoner at Empire Hall, cared for by Dr Saint, butler Mr Nicely and Clarice the maid, his scant knowledge of the forbidden world outside gleaned from fairy tales and Woolcombe's Bestiary of Post-Diluvian Extinctions.

But the night two burglars break in, Theo discovers he possesses terrifying powers and is swept into a deadly conflict between the Society of Unrelenting Vigilance and the Society of Good Works. 

Amongst the murky streets and sewers of Victorian London, and fleeing dreadful beasts and monstrous individuals, Theo finally faces the truth about his ancestry – and the mysterious Candle Man.

This is real rip-roaring steam-punk adventure; it’s a gripping story and the characters and settings are vividly depicted. Entertaining and hugely enjoyable.

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