How well do you really know children's books?

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Test yourself

How similar are humans and animals? Find out in our fun Humanimal quiz

Think you don't have much in common with the animal kingdom? You'll think again after testing yourself in our quiz based on the book Humanimal!

Test your knowledge of His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

Do you know your daemon from your Dust? Take this quiz if you're a fan of the books trilogy – Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass – and see how much you remember of Philip Pullman's mysterious and magical worlds.

The United Kingdom: How much do you really know about the country?

Test yourself on your knowledge of the UK's traditions, culture and oddities...

How much do you know about your amazing human body?

Shrink yourself down as small as you can go. No – much smaller than that! You'll need to be small enough to crawl up nostrils, peer inside eyeballs and float through the bloodstream, because we're about to embark on an amazing trip through your awesome anatomy.

Harry Potter in translation: can you take a guess?

So you can tell your Sickles from your Knuts, and you know the Quibbler from the Daily Prophet… But how well do you know Harry Potter in translation?

Try this Matilda quiz to see how well you remember the book by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s Matilda is nothing less than an icon – of page, screen and stage. Both the story and character are more popular than ever – so how well do you remember the book?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - the quiz

All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Cast your mind back and see how well you know the first book in the Harry Potter series...

Lesser Spotted Animals: How well do you know these wild and wonderful creatures?

Find out how well you know some of nature's surprising creatures with this quiz based on Martin Brown's fun book Lesser Spotted Animals 2.

How well do you know your nursery rhymes?

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers...but what's a peck? Warning: may need to sing to help guess the answers!

Fascinating facts about space

Take our out-of-this-world space quiz, with questions provided by Dr Christoph Englert, author of Destination Space.

Roald Dahl: how many fantastic facts do you know about the legendary storyteller and his books?

Roald Dahl's life was full of extraordinary colour – a little bit like his books, then! Take our quiz and see how much you know about the bestselling children's author (who has sold more than 250 million books!).

100 Best Books: 0-5

How many books have you read for children aged 0-5 years? Find out by taking our fun quiz.

100 Best Books: 6-8

How many books have you read for children aged 6-8 years? Find out by taking our quiz.

100 Best Books: 9-11

How many books have you read for children aged 9-11 years? Find out by taking our quiz.

100 Best Books: 12+

How many books have you read for children aged 12+? Find out by taking our fun quiz.

How well do you know the Famous Five?

Blyton's Famous Five have been much loved by children for 70 years – but how well do you remember the stories?

Fantastic football facts: how much do you know?

Test your knowledge of the beautiful game football in this quiz based on Football School: Where Football Explains The World.

Reading the Roald Dahl menu

Eating can be a tricky business when you're in one of Roald Dahl's books. For all the delicious and fun foods, there are equally dangerous and disgusting ones! How well do you know your way around a Roald Dahl menu?

Celebrate Father's Day with this quiz about dads in books

Take our quiz to see how well you know your favourite fathers in fiction: as in, can you even remember their name...?!

Do you know your Dracula from your Frankenstein?

Test your horror knowledge with this quiz that goes bump in the night.

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