Lesser Spotted Animals 2: How well do you know these wild and wonderful creatures?

Martin Brown is back with another fantastic book all about nature's more unusual creatures - but how well do you know them?

The front cover of Lesser Spotted Animals 2

We're very excited to have another edition of Lesser Spotted Animals to enjoy!

From Horrible Histories illustrator Martin Brown, the super Lesser Spotted Animals 2 is full of amazing facts about animals you might never have heard of before - from the altai argali to the yellow-throated marten.

Get ready to find out all about these magnificent creatures - from which ones can jump incredible distances to which ones might be a bit stinky.

We had so much fun reading the book that we decided to put together a little quiz to test how well you know these Lesser Spotted Animals!

Have a go below and make sure you let us know how you get on by sharing your score on Twitter @BookTrust...

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Lesser Spotted Animals 2



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