How similar are humans and animals? Find out in our fun Humanimals quiz

Think you don't share much with the animal kingdom? You'll think again after reading a fun new book...

The front cover of Humanimal

You might think that humans and animals don't have an awful lot in common... but you'd be wrong!

The new book Humanimals from Christopher Lloyd and illustrator Mark Ruffle sets out to show you just how many things we share across the species.

It's full of fascinating facts and discoveries, from the news that elephants hold funerals to mourn their loved ones to the surprising revelation that rats like being tickled!

Accompanied by brilliant bold imagery, it's sure to make you look at the natural world differently. But how much do you know already?

We thought we'd test you out with a quiz based on the book, so have a go and let us know how you do by tweeting us @BookTrust. You might just be surprised by some of the answers...

Test your knowledge of the animal kingdom



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