The United Kingdom: How much do you really know about the country?

Test yourself on your knowledge of the UK - from its culture and traditions to its little oddities...

The Big Book of the UK front cover

You might think you know everything there is to know about the United Kingdom - but it turns out there are a lot of fun facts that you might have no idea about!

Did you know that every day, Britons drink around 165 million cups of tea between them?

That Stilton cheese doesn't actually come from the village Stilton?

Or that the longest hedge in the world is in Perthshire in Scotland? (It's 36 metres tall, 530 metres long, and is trimmed once every ten years.)

Those are just some of the facts found in the amazing new title from Imogen Russell Williams and illustrator Louise Lockhart - it's impossible to read The Big Book of the UK without gasping at some of the silly stories or fascinating facts.

To test how well YOU know the UK, we've put together a little quiz based on the book so give it a go below.

And we'd love to hear how you get on, so make sure you let us know on Twitter! Good luck and happy quizzing...

Test your knowledge of the United Kingdom...



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