Visual impairment in books

She is Not Invisible

This list is made up of books featuring characters who are blind or visually impaired, as well as books which include characters with glasses and/or eye patches in a natural and positive way.

Books here cover a range of ages, from little ones up to teenagers. 

  • Things the Eye Can't See

    Author: Penny Joelson
    Publisher: Electric Monkey
    Interest age: 12-14
    Reading age: 12+

    When a former classmate gives 15 year old Libby a mysterious envelope, she finds herself drawn into a a very strange and potentially dangerous mystery.

  • Quiet!

    Author: Kip Alizadeh
    Publisher: Child’s Play
    Interest age: 2-7
    Reading age: 5+

    A small child takes us on an auditory tour of her home in this delightful picture of family life, ingeniously interpreted through its sounds. It's a book that radiates comfort, security, warmth and love.

  • The Invisible Story

    Author: Jaime Gamboa Illustrator: Wen Hsu Chen Translator: Daniel Hahn
    Publisher: Lantana Books
    Interest age: 4-8
    Reading age: 6+

    A beautiful translated picture book celebrating braille.

  • Errol’s Garden

    Author: Gillian Hibbs
    Publisher: Child’s Play
    Interest age: 4-6
    Reading age: 5+

    Errol loves gardening, but he doesn’t have a garden. Then he comes up with a creative solution, thanks to the discovery of a disused area at the top of his apartment block. A heartwarming book with universal appeal that's a delight, from beginning to end. 

  • Specs for Rex

    Author: Yasmeen Ismail
    Publisher: Bloomsbury
    Interest age: 3-6
    Reading age: 5+

    A perfectly judged niche story that has general appeal due to a clean text and cute character; Specs for Rex is a visual treat that's really worth putting your glasses on for.

  • The Patch

    Author: Justina Chen Hedley Illustrator: Mitch Vane
    Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing
    Interest age: 4+
    Reading age: 5+

    Becca has amblyopia and needs to wear both glasses and an eye patch to strengthen her weak eye.

  • Benjamin & the Super Spectacles

    Author: Rachel Bright
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
    Interest age: 3+
    Reading age: 4+

    Benjamin Bounce keeps bouncing into things and needs spectacles... A lovely picture book about friends making each other feel super!

  • Ava’s Spectacular Spectacles

    Author: Alice Rex and Angela Perrini
    Publisher: New Frontier
    Interest age: 4-6
    Reading age: 6+

    When Ava doesn’t want to wear her glasses at school one day, her quick-witted teacher offers some wise words of advice about their importance. The reimagined fairy tales are told with plenty of humour and zest.

  • Ella

    Author: Alex T. Smith
    Publisher: Scholastic
    Interest age: 2+
    Reading age: 6+

    An original take on the Cinderella story featuring a specs-wearing ladybird

  • The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree

    Author: Paola Peretti Translator: Denise Muir
    Publisher: Hot Key Books
    Interest age: 9-11
    Reading age: 9+

    Nine-year-old Mafalda has a degenerative eye condition. She starts to keep a list of all the things she'll miss when her sight goes, but also the constants that surround her. Tender and thought-provoking, with a powerful but unforced message.

  • She is Not Invisible

    Author: Marcus Sedgwick
    Publisher: Orion Books
    Interest age: 12+
    Reading age: 12+

    Laureth receives a mysterious email informing her that her father's notebook has been found. She decides to travel to New York to investigate. Laureth is blind, but this book isn't about that: it's an action-packed adventure, full of twists and turns. 

  • The Great Big Book of Families

    Author: Mary Hoffman Illustrator: Ros Asquith
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln
    Interest age: 4+
    Reading age: 7+

    The Great Big Book of Families is about the diversity of families. The simple message is that every family is unique and special and that there is no such thing as 'normal' or 'abnormal'. Books simply don’t get much more inclusive than this.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Author: Annie Kubler
    Publisher: Child's Play
    Interest age: 0+
    Reading age: 5+

    A simple board book featuring a well-known nursery rhyme with interactive text

  • Max the Champion

    Author: Sean Stockdale and Alexandra Strick Illustrator: Ros Asquith
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln
    Interest age: 4+
    Reading age: 5+

    This inclusive book is about a boy who loves sport, his friends, and school - and has a vivid imagination

  • Rapunzel: Flip-up Fairy Tales

    Author: Simona Sanfilippo
    Publisher: Child's Play
    Interest age: 1+
    Reading age: 5+

    One of a series of ‘Flip-Up Fairy Tales’ which retell traditional stories with beautiful artwork and flaps to lift.

  • The Black Book of Colours

    Author: Menena Cottin Illustrator: Rosana Faria
    Publisher: Walker Books
    Reading age: 6+

    A visually impaired boy introduces us to colours as he experiences them – through his senses of hearing, touch, smell and taste.