Booklists beginning with: V

  • Books about Vikings

    This selection of books shows what Viking life was like, with all the action and humour you might expect. It includes fiction and non-fiction and is suitable for primary-aged children.

  • Books for visually impaired children

    While it can be hard to find mainstream books that offer meaningful content for children who are blind or partially sighted, the following list suggests a few ideas. The titles listed include tried and tested examples of books with tactile elements, embossing, die-cut holes, braille and audio.

  • Books set in the Victorian times

    These fiction books are all set in the nineteenth century, and are suitable for ages 7-11. They provide an insight into Victorian lives, shining a light on different aspects of society, with settings as varied as Cardiff, London and a travelling circus. They are all realistic stories.

  • Visual impairment in books

    This list is made up of books featuring characters who are blind or visually impaired, as well as books which include characters with glasses and/or eye patches in a natural and positive way. Books here cover a range of ages, from little ones up to teenagers.