Ava’s Spectacular Spectacles

Publisher: New Frontier

When Ava doesn’t want to wear her glasses at school one day, her quick-witted teacher offers some wise words of advice about their importance.

How different would things have been, she points out, if Little Red Riding Hood had only remembered her glasses when she went to visit her grandma? Why, she would have recognised the wolf in time, of course! Meanwhile if Hansel and Gretel had worn theirs, they would have spotted all the signs pointing them home. And Little Bo Peep would surely never have lost all those sheep had she only worn her specs. Thus Ava realises that glasses have their uses – whether it is to help fairy tale characters avert disaster or just read what is on the board.

This stylish picture book takes an original and playful look at the value of glasses. Larger-than-life illustrations effectively depicit the re-imagined fairy tales with great humour and zest. And both the story and its appealing style of delivery will resonate with both those who need glasses and those who don’t.

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