Rapunzel to the Rescue

Publisher: Scholastic

You might think you know the story of Rapunzel. She was the beautiful princess kept prisoner in a high tower by a wicked witch, wasn’t she? And the only way to reach her was by climbing up her incredibly long hair…well, this story most definitely is not about that Rapunzel.

The bit about the wicked witch is right, but the baby she stole was, in fact, a boy. And Rapunzel was the clever, young woman who decided to put things right by rescuing him. If you want to know more about her daring rescue attempt, and what happened next, you’ll have to read the book!

Don’t be deceived by the pretty pink cover: this book is definitely not about a helpless girl waiting for her prince to come. This funny, feisty alternative fairy tale is rhythmically told in dazzling rhyme and vividly illustrated in striking colours.

A must for youngsters who prefer their heroines to be inventive and self-reliant rather than wistful and dependent. 

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