Little Red Reading Hood

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Little Red Reading Hood always has her nose in a book, and is mesmerised by the thrilling adventures she discovers within the pages.

When her mother sends Red to the library to return an overdue book, she warns her daughter not to stray from the path, for everyone knows what will happen if she does…

On the way, Red meets a crafty wolf who persuades her to rest awhile to read her book. While she is absorbed in the tale, the wolf dashes to the library, where he stuffs the librarian in a cupboard and dresses up in her clothes to lie in wait for Red. But this is a fairy tale with a twist, and the ending doesn’t have to be predictable.

Written in witty verse and accompanied by colourful illustrations, this wonderful contemporary tale is great to read aloud and ideal to show young children that stories have the power to take readers on all sorts of exciting, imaginative journeys. 

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