Little Red

Publisher: Two Hoots

On the way to visit her grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood meets a big bad wolf in the forest. Although some children may find this encounter frightening, Little Red is a feisty young girl and is not at all intimidated, so continues on her way.

The wolf takes a sneaky shortcut to Grandma's house, where he gobbles her up, dresses in her clothes and lies in wait for Little Red. However, this wolf has met his match: when Little Red arrives, she is not fooled by his ridiculous disguise and fearlessly formulates a plan of her own.

This contemporary interpretation of a familiar classic is a joy to read. Bold monochrome images, punctuated with vibrant blocks of red, form a striking visual accompaniment to the dark, witty tale. Created by the winner of the Macmillan Prize for Illustration, this is an impressive debut picture book from an exciting new talent.

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