Ella Bella Ballerina and The Sleeping Beauty

Publisher: Orchard Books

One afternoon at ballet, Madame Rosa begins the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Eager to discover whether the prince rescues the slumbering princess, Ella Bella waits for the other children to leave and then opens Madame Rosa’s enchanted musical box.

Magically, the Lilac Fairy appears and transports a delighted Ella Bella into the story, and she witnesses the triumphant royal wedding.

When the music stops, she is alone on the dark stage. Madame Rosa promises that the musical box will play different tunes every week so Ella Bella hums her way home happily.

Pink-cheeked ballerinas in frothy skirts, a handsome prince and dazzling princess and surprising characters from other fairy stories people this beautifully illustrated contemporary twist on a traditional tale.

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