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A look at Celtic legend

The Story of King Arthur

Since 2017 was the Welsh Year of Legends, we jumped at the chance to celebrate some of the mythology that comes from Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Scotland.

Incredible to think that we still tell these spellbinding stories today, thousands of years later... Prepare to be bewitched. 

  • Arthur and Me

    Author: Sarah Todd Taylor Illustrator: Peter Stevenson
    Publisher: Firefly Press

    A laugh-out-loud first chapters book, featuring a cast of mythical heroes and an accident-prone schoolboy.

  • Dragon Gold

    Author: Shoo Rayner
    Publisher: Dragonfly

    This entertaining chapter book, with comical black-and-white illustrations, combines Welsh mythology with everyday life, friendship and trust. The first in a trilogy, it is sure to captivate independent young readers.

  • Dragon White

    Author: Shoo Rayner
    Publisher: Dragonfly

    Following on from Dragon Gold, this is the second exciting fantasy adventure in a light-hearted trilogy. Short chapters are interspersed with humorous black and white illustrations, creating an ideal book for junior readers.

  • Dragon Red

    Author: Shoo Rayner
    Publisher: Dragonfly

    This exciting climax to a thrilling trilogy will have readers on the edge of their seats. Themes of friendship, loyalty and bravery blend with fascinating Welsh legends to create a humorous chapter book with entertaining illustrations.

  • Mother Cary’s Butter Knife

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Anja Uhren
    Publisher: Graffeg

    Inspired by traditional folk tales of mythical sea creatures, this other-worldly story of the savagery and beauty of the ocean will captivate readers. The ethereal illustrations, in a palette of watery blues, greens and greys, perfectly complement the poetic narrative.

  • Tales from Old Ireland

    Author: Malachy Doyle Illustrator: Niamh Sharkey
    Publisher: Barefoot Books

    This stunningly illustrated collection of stories has its roots in oral storytelling and features giants, demons and wicked stepmothers, with a good dose of magic, cruelty and gentle humour.

  • Tales from the Celtic Countries

    Author: Rhiannon Ifans Illustrator: Margaret Jones
    Publisher: Y Lolfa

    This unusual story collection features a total of 12 tales from the six Celtic countries. Fabulous, ethereal illustrations capture the magical nature of the narratives which, like all the oldest fables, are rather grisly but also hilarious and quirky.

  • The Four Branches of the Mabinogi

    Author: Siân Lewis Illustrator: Valériane Leblond
    Publisher: Rily

    Enchanting, engrossing and beautifully illustrated, this is a wonderfully accessible retelling of the most ancient of recorded legends, and a great introduction to the ancient storytelling heritage of Wales.

  • The Selkie’s Mate

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Claire Jenkins
    Publisher: Graffeg

    Lyrical text is enhanced by evocative watercolour illustrations in this haunting and heart-wrenching tale of love, loss and trust, which is inspired by Selkie legends from around the world.

  • The Story of King Arthur

    Author: Siân Lewis Illustrator: Graham Howells
    Publisher: Rily

    A comprehensive and illustrated retelling of the story of King Arthur and his knights, from the years before his birth to his final departure for Avalon.