Dragon White

Publisher: Dragonfly

Harri has a secret pet: a genuine, fire-breathing dragon called Tân. When Mr Davies asks Harri to fly his "toy" dragon at the May Day Parade, he reluctantly agrees, but is concerned that someone will discover Tân is real. To ensure everyone believes he is a model, Harri and his new friend Ryan spend hours training the little dragon to respond to a fake remote control.

Ryan’s dad likes to be the best at everything, so is determined to discover how Harri made such a realistic model. He tricks Ryan into revealing the truth, not caring that he puts the boys’ friendship in jeopardy. He then becomes obsessed with obtaining a dragon of his own and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Following on from Dragon Gold, this is the second exciting fantasy adventure in a light-hearted trilogy. Short chapters are interspersed with humorous black and white illustrations, creating an ideal book for junior readers.

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