Pobl y Pants a’r Deinosoriaid

Publisher: Gomer

Beth gwech chi wrth groesi pobl arallfydol, deinosoriaid a dillad isaf? Y llyfr gwych hwn wrth gwrs!

Pan ddaw pobl y pants o’r gofod i’r ddaear mae eu pants-sganiwr yn eu harwain nid yn unig at bentwr mawr o bants bob lliw (hwre!) ond hefyd at griw o ddeinosoriaid. Dyna syndod gaiff pobl y pants wrth weld y cweri o anifeiliaid yn dal i grwydro’n rhydd ar y ddaear. Gan fod y deinosoriaid yr un mor hoff o bants â phobl y pants maen nhw’n mynd nôl i’r gofod gyda’i gilydd i fwynhau eu hunain gyda phentyrrau mawr o ddillad isaf.

Dyma stori ddigri iawn hon ar fydr ac odl sy’n berffaith i’w ddarllen drosodd a throsodd a thro. Mae rhywbeth at ddant pawb yn y llyfr hwn, ond fyddwch chi byth yn meddwl am bants yr un ffordd eto.

What do you get if you mix aliens, dinosaurs and underwear? This brilliant book of course!

When the aliens come from space to Earth, their pants-tracker leads them not only to a big pile of colourful pants (hooray!) but also to a group of dinosaurs. The aliens get quite a shock to discover these animal giants are still roaming free on Earth. Because the dinosaurs love pants just as much as the aliens they go back to space together to have fun with piles and piles of underwear.

This funny rhyming story will surely become a firm favourite and be read over and over again. There’s something for everyone here, but you’ll never think of pants in the same way again.

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