Under the Moon and Over the Sea

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Publisher: Walker Books

This joyful collection of more than 50 poems superbly conjures the sights, sounds and rhythms of the Caribbean. Traditional rhymes sit alongside works from contemporary poets, including John Agard, James Berry, Valerie Bloom, Grace Nichols and Benjamin Zephaniah.

The book is divided into five sections, each of which encompasses a different aspect of island life and features artwork from a dedicated illustrator. One chapter incudes rhymes relating to the night, from a moonlit dance under a banyan tree to spooky tales of ghostly jumbies, masterfully illustrated by Jane Ray. Another focusses on food, evoking the tastes, smells and colours of tropical cuisine, such as the prickly pineapple with its sweet, juicy rings of sunshine. The final group, enhanced by Sara Fanelli’s artwork, explores experiences of those who have journeyed all over the world, leaving behind friends and family to embark on new adventures.

Winner of the 2003 CLPE Poetry Award, this engaging compilation is rich with Caribbean culture and dialects. Perfect for reading aloud or performing, it will bring poetry to life for a young audience.

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