The Most Beautiful Place in the World

Publisher: Tamarind Books


Ann Cameron transports the reader to Guatemala where we meet Juan and learn about his life and the village where he lives. Juan's life is not easy. He lives with his grandmother and goes to the market with her everyday to help her make money for the family. Juan decides he wants to learn to read and begins to teach himself. What Juan really wants is to go to school but if he goes he knows he won't be able to spend as much time helping his grandmother. What will happen when he finally plucks up the courage to ask if he can go to school?

Ann Cameron provides the reader with detailed descriptions of Guatemala. The beauty of the setting compares harshly with hardships Juan faces in his life. The book shows the importance of reading and education in a country where children are needed to help make money for their family and might not have time to attend school as a result.

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