100 Brilliant Poems for Children

Publisher: Macmillan

How do you define a poem? Song lyrics, performance pieces, blank verse, a Shakespearean speech and hilarious rhymes, both classic and brand-new, make this an anthology where there is literally something for everyone. 

Read about Albert, swallowed by a lion at the zoo, Mr Moore who terrorises schoolchildren, the hypnotic effects of train travel and the bravery it takes to open a door to the unknown. Read aloud and rejoice in the power of words and imagination!

This diverse collection of poems is not restricted by era, subject matter or mood, nor by author background or ethnicity but all demonstrate a celebration of the joy of language and ideas. Contributions span five centuries and some are rightly regarded as 'classics' but most are fairly contemporary and a few are completely new.

Includes a short section with suggestions for reading, writing and performing from some of the contributing authors. 

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