Space Blasters: Suzie Saves the Universe

Publisher: Farshore

Suzie Wen loves inventing things, even if they sometimes go wrong. One day, her Super 3-D TV Gizmo – designed to make her feel like she’s in her favourite TV show Space Blasters – goes very right. Too right, in fact, because she is suddenly actually on board the spaceship, with the crew!

But Suzie has no time to wonder how because they crash-land on Planet Cheddar. Something is very troubling – the alien babbits won’t wake up and their moon has disappeared! And it’s not just Planet Cheddar that’s been affected. The planet Knot is also full of sleeping aliens and has a missing moon.

It’s up to Suzie and the crew, including Captain Jane, Spaceman Jack and Five-Eyed Frank, to work out what’s happened. Can they save the universe? And will Five-Eyed Frank ever trust new crew member Suzie?

Pacy and exciting, this young chapter book is perfect for newly confident readers. There are action-packed black and white illustrations on almost every page, adding to the energy. The authors have included occasional pop-out ‘fun facts’ boxes, and there’s a simple explanation of how to test a theory through observation. The STEM theme is woven into the exciting plot with a light touch, as are the friendship issues.

Mae Suzie Wen wrth ei bodd yn dyfeisio pethau, hyd yn oed os ydyn nhw weithiau’n mynd o chwith. Felly pan mae ei Super 3DTV Gizmo – a gynlluniwyd i wneud iddi deimlo fel petai hi yn ei hoff sioe deledu Space Blasters – yn gweithio’n dda, mae’n ei chael ei hun ar fwrdd y llong ofod.

Ond does gan Suzie ddim amser i ystyried sut mae ei dyfais wedi gweithio, gan fod y llong yn cwympo i’r ddaear ar Blaned Cheddar, lle mae rhywbeth mawr o’i le.

Mae hi i fyny i Suzie a’r criw, gan gynnwys Captain Jane, Spaceman Jack a Five-Eyed Frank weithio allan beth sydd wedi digwydd. Fedran nhw achub y bydysawd?

Mae’r llyfr penodau i’r ifanc hwn yn symud yn gyflym, mae’n llawn cyffro gyda thema STEM, ac mae’n ddelfrydol ar gyfer darllenwyr sy’n dechrau magu hyder.

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