Leonora Bolt: Secret Inventor

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Puffin

Awesome inventor Leonora Bolt has lived most of her nine years in a lighthouse on remote Crabby Island, with just her pet otter Twitchy Nibbles and Mildred, an eccentric housekeeper for company. Apart from occasional visits from disagreeable Uncle Luther, Leonora has no contact with the outside world. She is desperate to escape the island and is working on a new gadget, the Switcheroo, which she hopes will transport her to the mainland.

Her work is interrupted when Jack, a young castaway, is washed ashore on an inflatable lobster. She quizzes him about life on the mainland and realises that much of what Uncle Luther has told her – chocolate is illegal, laughing is banned – is untrue. It soon becomes apparent that Leonora’s uncle is not who he seems and intends to use the Switcheroo for his own sinister ends. Can Leonora put a stop to his dastardly plans before it is too late?

This wacky adventure combines larger-than-life characters, a fittingly devious villain and a fast-paced plot with a sprinkling of science and engineering. Entertaining black-and-white illustrations are scattered throughout the short chapters, making it ideal for young junior readers.

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