Lori and Max and the Book Thieves

Publisher: Firefly

Keen to become a private detective when she grows up, ten-year-old Lori is always on the lookout for mystery and intrigue. She has all the kit, from walkie-talkies and a magnifying glass, to notebooks and an old-fashioned tape recorder, but unfortunately criminals have been a bit thin on the ground recently.

This changes when her best friend Max’s phone is stolen and the pair leap into action, hunting for clues, gathering evidence and setting a trap to ensnare the thief. Meanwhile, Max’s dog digs up some unexpected treasure in Lori’s garden, which puts them on the trail of a second crime, involving a deceitful celebrity antique dealer and some rare books.

Full of warmth and humour, this is the second tale in the engaging Lori and Max series, which features a cast of colourful characters, such as Lori’s eccentric nan, who wears crazy hats and scours car boot sales in search of priceless antiquities. Although the book explores some challenging personal circumstances, such as bereavement, depression and neglect, the tone is light-hearted and uplifting.

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