Lori and Max

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Publisher: Firefly Press

Lori can’t help thinking that her outstanding detecting skills are being underutilised. So far, she has a great clean-up rate but only in cases of missing spectacles.

Lori doesn’t plan to make friends with the new girl at school but she and Max do have one important thing in common: neither of them really fits in. Just as their friendship begins to blossom, Max and a large amount of money go missing, giving Lori the ideal opportunity to solve a real-life mystery.

This fast-paced crime adventure showcases the dynamics of an unexpected friendship and tackles some serious social issues, such as addiction, bullying, discrimination and the fluidity of the modern family.

Told from the point of view of each of the girls, the story is by turns funny, sad and challenging but always engrossing and a true page-turner.

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