Pony on the Twelfth Floor

Publisher: Walker Books

Despite never having ridden a horse, Kizzy dreams of becoming a champion showjumper, so can't believe her luck when she finds a pony in the supermarket. Her overwhelming desire to own a horse prompts her to take him home, which is not ideal as she lives on the eleventh floor of a tower block.

She names him Flapjack and smuggles him into her bedroom, where he proceeds to cause havoc. Thankfully Miss Turney, Kizzy's elderly neighbour from the twelfth floor, invites Flapjack to stay on her balcony. With the help of her best friend Pawel and his enthusiastic twin sisters, Kizzy is able to spend every spare moment with the pony, learning to ride him (not as easy as her horse book suggests) and dreaming of all the adventures they will share. However, when she learns that sightings of Flapjack are being posted online, her hopes of keeping him a secret fade fast.

This hilarious and heart-warming chapter book combines an entertaining plot and a diverse range of characters with delightfully funny black-and-white illustrations. The cheeky antics of the mischievous pony are great fun and Kizzy's determination to follow her dreams is an inspiration.

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