Space Detectives

Publisher: Bloomsbury

One minute, Connor and Ethan are serving ice cream - the next, they're wiping purple spit out of their hair as a huge, sharp-fanged slug-monster roars and waves its claws at them. That's what you get for trying to play the hero and return a stolen bag.

But secretly, the boys are rather pleased. Although spending the summer aboard the exotic space station, Starville, is fun, what they're really hoping for is a mystery to solve so they can establish themselves as the first Space Detectives. Facing the great Tufted Grotsnobbler seems like a good first step, but when Starville is dramatically thrown out of orbit onto a collision course with the moon, do Connor and Ethan have what it takes to save everyone from certain death?

If the thought of meeting a Snargletoothed Grizloid or a swarm of Neptunian Bat-Rats doesn't worry you, or if you like the sound of a zero-gravity bouncy castle, a hover scooter, snorgleberry drizzle cake or swamp-lizard drumsticks then this is a book you'll definitely enjoy.

Packed with witty, dynamic, black and white illustrations and a very human underlying message, this is an ideal chapter book for newly independent readers.

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