Level Up!

Publisher: Stripes Publishing

Flo’s mum is a brilliant engineer. So brilliant, she has found a way for Flo to play her favourite video games using an avatar which is exactly like her. But Mum’s invention isn’t quite ready yet.

Does Flo take notice of the multiple notes Mum has left forbidding her to try out the device until it’s completely finished? No, she does not and she and her reluctant friend Max find themselves transported inside the Star Smasher game coming face-to-face with armies of Space Soldiers, far too many laser cannons, a cheating hacker and the very real possibility that they may not be able to find a way out!

Overconfident Flo and understandably worried Max are a great character combo for a fun and mildly scary virtual romp through a computer game packed with space paraphernalia and gadgetry.

As in all the best first chapter books, the youngsters often get the better of the adult characters and entertaining black-and-white illustrations add atmosphere and more than a few laughs.

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