Doctor Who: The Maze of Doom

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Publisher: Puffin

Legendary Time Lord, the Doctor, embarks on another thrilling adventure to save the universe, accompanied by her brave companions Yaz, Graham and his grandson Ryan. Together, they travel through space and time aboard the TARDIS, a time-machine disguised as a blue police box from mid-twentieth-century Britain.

When a mysterious artefact explodes on board the TARDIS, it emits the force of a nuclear weapon. The Doctor traces another object made from the same material, a formidable statue of a minotaur, which terrifyingly comes to life and rampages through the tunnels of the London Underground. It must be destroyed before it detonates and obliterates planet earth, but the Doctor is not the only one who is searching for the explosive relic.

This exhilarating tale veers between ancient Greece and future London, via Swiss mountains and deep oceans. There are references to past Doctors, dashes of humour and plenty of peril at every turn. Combining Greek mythology with futuristic technology, this sequel to The Secret in Vault 13 can be enjoyed as a standalone science-fiction novel and is essential reading for Doctor Who fans.

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