Freddy vs School

Publisher: DFB

Freddy is proud to be a robot boy and loves to showcase his formidable strength, powerful lasers and awesome rocket boosters at his regular, human school. Unfortunately, the headteacher doesn’t share his enthusiasm so draws up a strict code of conduct, banning the use of all robotic abilities on school grounds. If Freddy breaks the rules three times, he will be expelled.

Although outraged at the new rules, Freddy tries hard to abide by them, but this proves to be extremely difficult: he feels compelled to fight injustice by standing up to Henrik when he bullies the new boy, and he cannot possibly turn down the challenge of ‘dare-off deathmatch’ from his best friend Fernando. He knows he should keep his head down and blend in, but that’s just not Freddy’s style; what’s the point of having amazing skills if he’s not allowed to use them and, more importantly, what if nobody likes him if he’s just an ordinary boy?

This funny, light-hearted chapter book examines what it feels like to be different and explores issues of friendship, jealousy and bullying. Lively black-and-white drawings add to the hilarity of this entertaining tale, which is ideal for confident junior readers.

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