Spy Toys

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Dan, a super-intelligent Cuddlestar bear, finds himself on a reject pile in the Snaztacular Ultrafun toy factory. He is supposed to be ideal for hugging but a faulty chip means he is so strong he can crush a car.

Together with Arabella, a Loadsasmiles Sunshine doll who simply detests children, and Flax, a police robot rabbit who has branched out on his own, Dan is given a stark choice; the crusher or a secret undercover mission to protect the Prime Minister's son from a suspected kidnapping attempt.  

Think 'Toy Story meets James Bond' and you'll have the right idea about this zany adventure story in which an unlikely trio of minders must each use their unique skills to keep a young boy safe from Rusty Flumptrunk, a genetically engineered mascot turned supervillain. Witty text is complemented by wacky black and white illustrations.

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