Can You Get Rainbows in Space?

Publisher: Puffin Books

Irresistibly brightly coloured and packed with fascinating facts, this book is a treasure trove of information. Divided into the colours of the rainbow, each section explains how we see that particular colour, and explores nature linked to it. There is so much to discover. For instance, hippos have red sweat, blue eyes are actually clear with no pigment at all, and overripe bananas glow indigo under ultraviolet light. Interestingly, too, the primary colours of light that humans can see are red, blue and green – and when you mix green and red light they make yellow! The introduction explains what light is and how the human eye perceives it, and as well as the ROYGBIV colours, there are sections on black and white, fluorescence, infrared and ultraviolet, and an explanation of how some animals can see in the dark.

Vibrantly illustrated in full colour throughout, this non-fiction book is incredibly friendly and appealing. Readers of a variety of ages will find themselves dipping into it again and again.

Oeddech chi’n gwybod bod gan hipopotamysau chwys coch, bod llygaid glas yn hollol glir heb unrhyw bigment o gwbl, a bod bananas goraeddfed yn pelydru lliw indigo o dan olau uwchfioled?

Mae’r cyflwyniad yn esbonio beth ydy golau a sut y mae’r llygad dynol yn ei weld, yn ogystal â’r lliwiau coch, oren, melyn, gwyrdd, glas, indigo a fioled. Mae yna adrannau ar ddu a gwyn, fflworoleuedd, is-goch ac uwchfioled, ac esboniad o sut y mae rhai anifeiliaid yn gallu gweld yn y tywyllwch.

Mae’r llyfr ffeithiol hwn wedi’i ddarlunio’n hyfryd mewn lliw llawn drwyddo draw, ac mae’n hynod gyfeillgar a deniadol. Bydd darllenwyr o oedrannau amrywiol yn cael eu hunain yn mynd yn ôl ato dro ar ôl tro.


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