Science and Me

Publisher: Lantana

This beautifully-designed non-fiction book introduces young people to a selection of exceptional scientists, all of whom have been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry or medicine. The introduction explores the life and legacy of Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel and explains why he left most of his vast fortune to establish five categories of Nobel Prize (physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace).

Each double-page spread focuses on a different Nobel Prize winner, outlining their early interest in science and the challenges they overcame. An overview of their research, discoveries and inventions is accompanied by comments on how this work has made a positive difference to humankind. Featured scientists include Scottish biologist Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin; Canadian physicist Donna Strickland, whose pioneering work on lasers led to the development of laser eye-surgery; and Mexican-born Mario J. Molina, who helped shape our understanding of global warming when he discovered the harmful effects CFCs have on the ozone layer.

Stunning mixed media illustrations provide a stylish, colourful backdrop to the fascinating and informative text. With an emphasis on the value of science to contribute to a better world, this is an ideal book to inspire future generations of scientists.

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