Beyond Belief: The Science of the Future

Publisher: Little Tiger

People always dream about the future, and children certainly ask lots of questions about it. But with technology advancing at such high speeds now, humanity seems to be on the brink of some huge developments. For instance, in 2018, Canadian researchers made an object invisible using a laser light approach called “spectral cloaking”. Drug companies are at present working on making drugs that stop us ageing, and scientists are learning more about nanotechnology – a tiny realm of atoms and molecules where materials behave in different and unexpected ways.

Featuring chapters about space colonies, time travel, super-intelligent machines, invisibility, superhumans, nanotechnology, cloning, nuclear fusion and much more, this brilliant book is seriously inspiring – and a great source for parents and teachers of curious kids. Jasmine Floyd gives the book a colourful and hip-feeling design and the text has enough detail to intrigue upper primary readers.

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