First Day at Bug School

Hello and welcome from BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity. We hope that you’re enjoying the book and resources in your My Story Pack.

Here you’ll find a video of the My Story Pack book, First Day at Bug School, being read out loud and four ways you can continue your adventure with stories together.

Four ways you can continue the adventure

1. Read First Day at Bug School again

First Day at Bug School is a great book to read again (and again). Every time you will find new things to point out and talk about in the pictures. 

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Enjoy storytime with our free online books and videos. You can also play games, find fun activities or even learn how to draw some of your child's favourite characters.

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3. Discover new stories to share

Your child's school or your local library can recommend great stories to share.

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4. Your next free book

From November in England and Northern Ireland, your child will receive a second free book from BookTrust.

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If you live in Wales, from September your child will be taking part in Pori Drwy Stori. They will get lots of free resources and activities throughout the year, including two books to share at home in the spring. Usually both books are returned to school, but this year your child will get a copy of one of the two books to keep.

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