Understanding the impact of our interventions is central to BookTrust’s work.

With our new strategy, we are launching new monitoring, evaluation and learning approaches. These will enable us to clearly understand our progress and impact so we know, with confidence, that we are maximising the impact of our work with children and families.

Here we set out some key measures of our reach and impact at the start of our new strategy:

Through our work we

  • Distribute 3.3 million books to families across England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Reach disadvantaged children in their early years in over 95% of English local authorities
  • Provide books in 35 different languages
  • Provide HomeTime, an online resource for families affected by the pandemic which received over a million views over the last year

We work in partnership with

  • 185 local authorities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Over half the virtual schools in England
  • Over 1,000 children's centres
  • Over 20,000 primary and secondary schools including 1,000 special schools

We listen

We work closely with children, families and our partners to understand the impact of our work. This year, we are hearing from families that:

  • 83% of families enjoyed using the contents of the Bookstart Baby pack with their child
  • 81% of families report that their child enjoyed using the contents of the Bookstart Baby pack
  • 67% of families say the pack has helped them find new ways to spend time with their child
  • 66% of families say the pack helped them to know more about the benefits of sharing books/stories and rhymes early with their child

The Next Chapter - our strategy

There’s never been a more urgent time for us to inspire a new generation of children on their reading journeys. The Next Chapter sets out how we will get every child reading, regularly and by choice, so they can reap the lifechanging benefits of reading.

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