Research and innovation

Learning and innovation are at the heart of BookTrust’s work. From national surveys to understand reading behaviours in families to our co-creation approach to designing interventions that work for families we are committed to an evidence-based approach.

With our new strategy we are building on our already extensive body of research. We will be investing in new research on the benefits of reading, of the importance of representation in children’s literature and in deep co-design work to identify how we best support children from vulnerable family backgrounds to enjoy the broad benefits of reading. 

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Our most recent research

BookTrust Represents

Representation of people of colour among UK children's book authors

BookTrust Represents

BookTrust Represents schools evaluation report.

Reading in the early years

BookTrust research briefing on the important of reading in the early years.

BookTrust Storytime

BookTrust Storytime pilot evaluation 2022

Letterbox Club

Letterbox Club 2021-2022 evaluation.

Reading in foster families

BookTrust summary report.

Research by age group

Early years

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Benefits of reading

Download our interactive tool to find out about the incredible benefits of reading for pleasure, based on the findings of academic studies.

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Research by programme


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Bookstart Corner

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Time to Read

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Letterbox Club

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School Library Pack

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BookTrust Represents

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The Next Chapter - our strategy

There’s never been a more urgent time for us to inspire a new generation of children on their reading journeys. The Next Chapter sets out how we will get every child reading, regularly and by choice, so they can reap the lifechanging benefits of reading.

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