Our research and evaluation helps us to continually learn about how to inspire children to read for pleasure.

Why is it important to share books, rhymes and stories with babies? How can you encourage secondary school children to pick up a book? What difference do BookTrust programmes make to the reading habits of children and families? Our research and evaluation helps us to answer questions like these so that we can support every child to experience the joy of reading and its social, emotional and intellectual benefits.

We continue to work closely with our partners, year on year, to evaluate our universal and targeted programmes.

Reading for pleasure research

View our wider research to learn more about reading for pleasure and the associated benefits.

Family Reading Segments

This guide breaks down the types of families that exist when it comes to engagement with reading for pleasure in the UK. The insights can be used to inform thinking about how to better support families with children ages 0-16.

All research and evaluation

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BookTrust Represents

Read our research into representation of people of colour among children’s book authors and illustrators.

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Research by age group

Early years

View all of our early years research and evaluation.


View all Primary research and evaluation.


View all Secondary research and evaluation.

Research by programme


View all Bookstart research and evaluation.

Bookstart Corner

View all of our Bookstart Corner research and evaluation.

Time to Read

View all Time to Read research and evaluation.

Letterbox Club

View all Letterbox Club research and evaluation

School Library Pack

View all School Library Pack research and evaluation.


View all Bookbuzz research and evaluation.

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