Create a poetry-friendly classroom

As part of his Laureateship, Michael Rosen offered brilliant advice on bringing poetry to life at school – and encouraged everyone to try putting words together and having fun. 

Michael's video tips

All the tips

Tip #1 Asking questions about a poem

Tip #2 Read poems at the end of the day

Tip #3 Stage a poetry swap

Tip #4 Create a poetry show

Tip #5 Make poem posters

Tip #6 Use poems as a creative platform

Tip #7 Create a poetry notebook

Tip #8 Look for 'secret strings'

Tip #9 Turn a poem into a play

Tip #10 Put on a poetry cabaret

Tip #11 Make poetry booklets

Tip #12 Gather ideas

Tip #13 Share your poetry experiences

Tips from teachers

Teachers discuss their experiences of inspiring pupils to read, perform and write poetry in the classroom. With thanks to Dollie Smith of Belleville Primary.