Representation and inclusion

Representation matters.

Representation and inclusion are at the heart of our work and your generous donations have supported BookTrust Represents author visits to schools in low-income areas and gift books to pupils. You have helped thousands of children meet and be inspired by new and diverse role models. 

We know that children need to be able to see their lives reflected in stories to feel motivated and have a desire to read. Books and stories help children shape their attitudes towards themselves, others and the world around them. 

How BookTrust Represents supports authors and illustrators

"BookTrust Represents has been there my entire career. Being published feels surreal, but amazing!"

What having an author visit means to pupils

"It was amazing to have a successful adult showing students that life can be tricky, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful."

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More than 1.6 million children have English as an additional language in England

Sharing stories in multiple languages

Thanks to our supporters and funders, we were able to provide books in over 30 different languages including Somali, Dari and Pashto and Ukrainian. Our partners tell us our dual language books and resources are important in supporting families, particularly those newly arrived in the UK. They tell us how reading can help children to deal with traumatic experiences they may have had in their past and help them feel settled in their new homes and communities. 

We want to ensure every child has the opportunity to enjoy reading. Our dual language Bookstart books mean families with English as an additional language can share stories in their home language and English together.

"Refugee families feel welcomed and valued when they received a book in their own language, because their own culture and heritage is being acknowledged instead of disregarded. The dual language books from BookTrust are so important. I hear this time and time again." Early Years Coordinator, Bristol. Illustration: Nadia Shireen

How we're supporting children with additional languages on their reading journeys

Find out more about the importance of dual language books for children

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