Pyjamarama: Etiquette expert William Hanson shares his top tips for wearing PJs out and about

Published on: 03 June 2019 Author: Catriona Wightman

As the nation gets ready for Pyjamarama on 7 June, BookTrust research finds that nearly half of us wear our PJs out and about.

William Hanson in his pyjamas for Pyjamarama

The UK is a nation of pyjama-lovers who wear their PJs to walk the dog, head to the shops and even go to the office, BookTrust research has found.

49% of Brits revealed that they enjoy taking their nightwear out of the bedroom, with 19% heading out for a dog-walk in their pyjamas and 34% donning them while working from home.

But that's not all, because 6% of Brits have been brave enough to wear their PJs in the office.

It seems Brits favour the traditional set of pyjamas, with 43% wearing them to bed - but 28% opt for a T-shirt and shorts, 20% stick to their undies and 17% prefer their birthday suit. 

Hopefully that last group still have some PJs in their wardrobe, because on Friday, 7 June BookTrust is giving everyone the chance to wear their comfiest nightwear all day.

By donating £1, people across the country will be able to don their preferred pyjamas and help raise money to give every child a bedtime story.

Minding your Ps and Js: the etiquette of nightwear 

William Hanson in his pyjamas for Pyjamarama

While we're very excited about wearing our pyjamas to work and school on 7 June, etiquette expert William Hanson warned that Pyjamarama is 'not an excuse to let standards slip and look like you have just rolled out of bed'.

'If you plan to wear your pyjamas to the office, school, shop or pub, you should apply the same decorum, style and respect you would to any other outfit,' he added.

With that in mind, William shared his six top tips for wearing your pyjamas out and about on Friday:

  1. Wear a fresh set: It is not acceptable to roll out of bed and go about your day in the same nightwear. You must change into a fresh set of PJs when exposing them to the public, for everyone's sake.
  2. Dressing gowns: Even though the research reveals that only 6% of Brits own a matching dressing gown (a travesty) no bedtime attire is complete without one. Gentlemen fasten their gowns left over right, while ladies fasten them right over left.
  3. Better Together: A two-piece garment or pyjama set is the smartest choice for bed, and therefore taking outside also. The colour should always be subtle; less is more to avoid an eyesore, which also goes for monogram. For those after a classic, understated look, Cyberjammies are an excellent choice
  4. Lace: The research speaks for itself, with lace being the least popular nightwear fabric for Brits. Keep any lace nightwear to the bedroom. There is a time and a place and it's not popping out to the shops.
  5. Slippers: A necessity in the house, so should also accompany the look when out and about. Ensure they are sturdy with ankle support, practical and ideally have a heel.
  6. The birthday suit: A ghastly phrase. Your bed linen deserves better and so do your colleagues.

Changing lives by wearing pyjamas

Children in pyjamas for Pyjamarama

William also revealed that he is 'delighted' that Pyjamarama is giving Brits the chance to wear their pyjamas for a good cause on Friday, saying: 'It's no surprise that Britons love their pyjamas. They are an extension of the wardrobe, part of a night time routine and can be both elegant and comfortable.'

And BookTrust's Gemma Malley added: 'We have long suspected that Brits love their pyjamas
and now we have definitive proof. With William Hanson's help, BookTrust is encouraging Brits to pay
£1 to indulge in wearing their PJs this Friday and celebrate Pyjamarama.

'Over 600,000 children and adults from across the country have already signed up to take part. In the final days we want to encourage more schools, nurseries, businesses and individuals to get involved.

'All monies raised will help BookTrust's work to ensure more children have access to books and reading, which really does change lives.'

Download the full press release

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