6 super feminist reads for International Women's Day

Published on: 08 March 2022

You're Not The Boss Of Me! author Catherine Wilkins shares some of her favourite empowering feminist reads for children in celebration of International Women's Day. 

Catherine Wilkins and the cover of You're Not the Boss of Me!

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon, by Patty Lovell

Molly Lou Melon is very short, has buck teeth, and a funny voice, but she doesn’t mind, because her Grandmother has always told her to walk proud, smile big and sing loud. When Molly Lou has to start in a new school and a bully picks on her, she turns her supposed weaknesses into strengths, in a joyful and inspiring way.

Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World, by Konnie Huq

This hilarious book follows the story of Cookie, who is continually forced to deal with injustices and indignities. First her best friend moving away, and then the most annoying boy in the world buying the kitten she set her heart on. But she handles everything with wit and then eventually science.

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Raise Your Hand, by Alice Paul Tapper

Illustration from Raise Your Hand by Alice Paul TapperIllustration from Raise Your Hand by Alice Paul Tapper

Alice Paul Tapper has noticed that at school, sometimes the only people to put their hands up are the boys, the girls seem too scared. Alice wonders why this is, and then devises a plan to help girls become braver.

Magnificent Mabel and the Rabbit Riot, by Ruth Quayle

Mabel doesn’t need any help becoming more confident - She knows she’s magnificent.  But that doesn’t mean life is easy. Unfair things keep happening, like she doesn’t have a pet, and she hasn’t lost any teeth yet. Luckily she always has a plan.

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Accidental Super Star, by Marianne Levy

From the cover of Accidental Super Star by Marianne Levy

Katie loves music and writing songs. It’s her only escape from what a mess the rest of her world feels like (horrid new house, annoying new step-dad and her mum is not listening). When a film of her singing ends up online, it goes viral. Suddenly Katie has opportunities for change, but can she become the author of her own destiny, or will everything spiral further out of control? This is a hilarious and relatable book about ambition, family and priorities.

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Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World, by Kate Pankhurst

A step towards rebalancing some of the history books glaring omissions, this wonderful collection foregrounds the accomplishments of some of the most impactful women in history. From Frida Kahlo to Marie Curie and Mrs Seacole, every page is informative, inspiring and raising visibility about what’s possible. Because maybe you can be it if you have a chance to see it.

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Illustration from Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World by Kate Pankhurst

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