Struggling to stay positive? Here's how Rashmi Sirdeshpande remembers the good things in life

Published on: 29 June 2022

The world can be a scary place and just a peek at the news can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Author Rashmi Sirdeshpande wants children to remember the good things in life when things start feeling overwhelming.

Sometimes the world can feel like a LOT. Life can feel like a lot. Stuff on the news. Stuff happening around you. 

Hopefully, when it’s all too much, you have someone to turn to to ask for help. But when you feel just a little low and you’re in need of a mood lift, being able to remember and hold onto good things is so important. One thing I like to do (and there’s a BookTrust resource for this!) is to ‘mind map’ all of that goodness. I just get a piece of paper and write down EVERY good thing: 

  • Things I love doing
  • People that make me smile
  • People I look up to for whatever reason - my heroes
  • Books, films, and TV shows I love 
  • Music that moves me and lifts me up 
  • Good things that have happened lately
  • Bits of good news about the world/the community
  • Quotes that inspire me 
  • Kind things people have said and done
  • My biggest, boldest dreams. And little ones…just because!

Download Rashmi's Mind Map and make your own here

You can do this too. However big or small, if it makes you feel good, write it down.

Mind map it. That means you might start with one thing you love - like walks in the park - and maybe that makes you think of ICE CREAM and maybe THAT makes you think HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS and so on. Fill that page with goodness, good people, and good things. 

It won’t change what’s happening in the outside world, but it can remind you just how much amazingness is out there, how many reasons there are to feel hopeful about the future, and how many happy moments there are to hold onto. It helps me a lot and I hope it can help you too. 

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