A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You: Test your knowledge with this fun quiz!

Published on: 06 November 2020 Author: Mike Barfield & Jess Bradley

A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You by Mike Barfield and Jess Bradley has been shortlisted for Best Book with Facts at the Blue Peter Book Awards! Mike and Jess are here to test your knowledge with a fun quiz...

An illustration of Mike Barfield

Hi, I'm Mike! I love a good quiz. I like the chance to flash some facts about and look smart. Well, at least until the quizmaster gives out the correct answers.

The front cover of A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You and an illustration of Jess Bradley

That's one reason why working on our new book with ace illustrator Jess Bradley has been such a blast - I've been able to bombard my brain with some fab new facts.

An illustration of a poo

(Plus, of course, it's always a hoot to work on a book with 'Poo' in its title!)

Anyway, thanks to all the research I did digging up the information to include in the book, my brain has gone from this...

An illustration of a grumpy brain

... to this...

An illustration of a happy brain

... and is now bulging with a treasure trove of fabulously funny trivia. For example, I know which is the only animal to do cube-shaped poos...

An illustration of cubed poo

... I also know another name for the gnu...

An illustration of a gnu saying: 'It's pronounced noo, by the way'

... Not to mention all the stunning stuff I've picked up about hearts, farts, nuts, guts, rocks, clocks, worms, germs, trees, bees, wees, and much, much more!

An illustration of a heart, a coconut, intestines, rocks, a clock, a worm, a bacterium, a tree, a bee and a baby with a wet nappy

Everything under the sun, in fact...

An illustration of a sun

Including the moon!

An illustration of the moon

Anyway, you can learn all this cool stuff too, simply by picking up A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu, and You, and looking - and laughing - through it! But first, why not take this fun quick quiz to test how much - or how little - you already know?

An illustration of three children

Go on! It won't take all day, and it's guaranteed to brighten up your life!

An illustration of a lightbulb

So, brains in gear and let's get going. We're going to quiz you on a week's worth of questions, seven in total, one for each day of the week. All the answers can be found in the book, or at the end of the quiz. But remember, A Day in the Life... includes skunks, sloths and porcupines, but there are no cheetahs! (Geddit?)

So, here we go...



Check your answers here

An illustration of Mike Barfield and Jess Bradley

How did you score? From me and Jess, thanks for playing along. We hope you enjoy our book and have lots and lots of super days reading it! Bye!

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