My Pet Star: Create your very own star suncatcher

Published on: 13 May 2020 Author: Julie Peppiatt

We're giving copies of My Pet Star by Corrinne Averiss and Rosalind Beardshaw to families across the country through food banks, refuges and more - and we want you to join in the fun of the book!

Here's how you can make your very own suncatcher to help brighten up your windows and make stars that will sparkle in the daylight...

The front cover of My Pet Star and a suncatcher

What you will need

  • Baking paper
  • Black paper
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue
  • Coloured tissue paper (or paints if you don't have tissue paper)

Your step-by-step guide

  1. Cut your baking paper into a square - this will form the base for your craft.
  2. Draw four or five stars of varying sizes on to some black paper, ask an adult to cut these out, and then cut out the stars' middles to leave black outlines.

    How to create a suncatcher
  3. Next, tear up your colourful tissue paper into lots of little squares. If you don't have coloured tissue paper, you could paint on to another sheet of baking paper or white tissue paper and use that instead.
  4. Glue your black stars down on to the sheet of baking paper and fill them in by gluing down your colourful squares.

    How to create a suncatcher
  5. Don't worry if you go over the black edges with your pieces of tissue paper! The next step is to ask an adult to cut out the stars from the baking paper.

    How to create a suncatcher
  6. If you have any leftover tissue paper or ribbon lying around the house, you can turn your crafts into shooting stars by gluing thin trails to the bottom of your creations.

    How to create a suncatcher
  7. Now your stars are ready to sparkle in the sun! Fix them to the window with a bit of sticky tape or blue tac, with the baking paper side facing out. Every time you see them sparkle you'll remember the story of My Pet Star!

A completed suncatcher

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