Open up windows to other worlds with new Writer in Residence, Candy Gourlay

Published on: 11 March 2019 Author: Candy Gourlay

Our new Writer in Residence is the award-winning author Candy Gourlay, who wants every child to experience the around-the-world adventures that reading can bring. But first, she's keen to say hello! 

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Hello, my name is Candy Gourlay and for the next few months, I am going to be BookTrust's Writer in Residence.

So being a Writer in Residence is like being a class pet. We get to do events together and write stories, and videos, and we're going to have a competition too! But I'm not going to tell you about that just now...

Growing up in the Philippines

When I was a little girl growing up in the Philippines, a long, long time ago, my ordinary world was very different from the worlds in my books.

I had a big family: five brothers and sisters. I grew up in Manila, which was hot and sticky, not cold and rainy like England. And I went to an all-girls' school with almost 50 children in each classroom.

Windows to magical worlds

Whenever I read a book, it was like I was walking up to this window and I'd pull the window open and outside that window, I'd see this incredible, magical world.

Sinbad the Sailor! Black Beauty – we didn't see horses like that in the Philippines! Mischief in Fez – with the monsters and the jinns and the magic. The Circus Baby – about a baby elephant learning how to be an elephant.

Universal themes in books

My book Bone Talk is set in a world where people are headhunters. But it asks questions that any ordinary child would want to know. What will I be when I grow up? What if I want something that I'm not allowed to have? Who are my real friends?

My new picture book Is it a Mermaid? is about a funny creature called a dugong. She thinks she's a mermaid! The book is set on an island in the Philippines , but you don't have to live on an island to think about its themes of friendship and empathy.

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Well, I'm really looking forward to my time as BookTrust's Writer in Residence and I hope you will join me in opening all those windows to other worlds that we can find between the pages of a book.

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